AACRAO SEM Conference – Nashville, TN

November 9, 2010 –  Nashville, TN   

A few pictures with our friends   


Tim Sturgeon (left) and Sean Ryan (right) of Bellarmine University in Kentucky take a picture with Maguire Associates’ President, Kathy Dawley  


Paul Ashby and Roderick Smith of the University of Birmingham (UK) take a picture with Maguire Associates’ President, Kathy Dawley  

Day 1 – Nashville, TN    

We are now in Nashville, where it’s beautifully sunny with clear blue skies… and a temperature reading of 33 degrees!   Despite coming from Boston, and being well used to such temperatures, we are, however, hoping that the predicted forecast for a warm afternoon of 69 degrees is accurate.  Regardless of weather, though, the forecast for professional development activities at the AACRAO Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) conference is bright.       

The day began early as we tuned in to hear Neal E. Boyd, Operatic Tenor and Winner of the 2008 “America’s Got Talent”, share his story and talk about the educators who believed in him and made such a difference in his life.  He said to a packed audience, “You know a student like me! Please find someone to mentor to help make his/her dreams come true.”      

For all of us engaged in college access and student success programs and planning, this was a heartfelt, impressive reminder of the importance of this work.  And, yes, Neal sang for us — twice!  He closed by saying, “Let’s make sure that all students get a chance at this incredible life!”    

Later today we have even more to look forward to, with our client colleagues from Capital University, Amanda Steiner, Director of Admission, and Amy Adams, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services, highlighting their successful use of social media in the recruiting process.  We are eager to learn about the latest developments in their comprehensive enrollment yield campaign that uses Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube.    

Finally, we’ll be watching a corporate presentation by our president, Kathy Dawley, who will be joined by Sean Ryan (Vice President for Enrollment Management) of Bellarmine University (KY) as they speak about “The Five Dysfunctions of Enrollment Management Practice Today.”   Stay tuned for a summary report, coming soon!    


Amanda Steiner (left) and Amy Adams (right) prepare for their presentation on their successful social media campaign in recruitment.     


Neal E. Boyd sharing his story during this morning’s session    




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