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Evolve 24th Annual Marketing and Enrollment Seminar

Jack MacguireJack Maguire will be the keynote speaker of the general session of annual UPCEA Marketing and Enrollment Seminar in Denver, Colorado on November 5th from 8:30-10:00 AM.  His speech will cover enrollment management strategy, alignment, and inequality.

A New Formula for Enrollment ManagementJack will also be signing his book, EM=C²: A New Formula for Enrollment Management, and posing for pictures after his speech with the lucky few who win the book. (Our partners, Blackboard and UPCEA, will conduct special promotions for attendees of the seminar to win the book. Details will be at the event.)  Please come by the booth and meet with Bob Gay from Maguire Associates and John Kannapell from Blackboard to see our new EMFASYS ® Product, Maguire Analytics™— the revolutionary dashboard for enrollment management.

 John (Jack) Maguire Bio

As an academic trained in the scientific method, Dr. Maguire introduced market research to the field of admissions when he became the Dean of Admissions at Boston College in the early 1970’s.

Soon after he began his groundbreaking work in admissions marketing, he created (and named) the first enrollment management model for the recruitment and retention of students.  During his tenure at Boston College, he tripled the number of applications and transformed the quality and national character of the student body.

Since his founding of Maguire Associates in 1983, Jack has served hundreds of colleges and universities and contributed to the evolution of marketing in higher education.  He has served as a trustee at several institutions and the College Board, and is currently serving on the board of New England College in Henniker, New Hampshire.

Jack has authored numerous papers and served as a faculty member at institutes such as the Harvard Summer Institute and has been featured in Money magazine, Forbes Magazine, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” and “Morning Edition.”

Jack holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Boston College and received a post-doctoral fellowship from Rice University.

About Maguire Associates

Founded in 1983, Maguire Associates is a higher education consultancy that not only helps institutions implement enrollment management best practices, but offers research and consulting for strengthening institutional marketing and branding, competitive positioning strategies, retention, and strategic planning—both nationally and abroad. Over the course of our history, we have served over 500 clients, from colleges and universities to independent and public schools, consortia, and government organizations focused on education. We use market research, sophisticated data analysis and predictive modeling to help clients reach their goals. For more information, visit