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Innovations for a Challenging Economy: Bulletin #7

At the core of the new services is a Diagnostic Audit that delivers an indispensible “conversation starter” on campus.  It captures in one assessment how those responsible for retention perceive their institution’s performance in eight
key areas.

Maguire Associates Introduces Four New Retention Services

Designed to help understand and address why students leave

A majority of senior college and university officials (62%) reports that improving student retention and graduation rates is the most pressing issue at their institutions, according to new research to be released soon by Maguire Associates.  It’s no wonder, since improving retention performance can produce substantial gains in both revenue and reputation.

Only a third of these officials (32%) state that they have a full time administrator or coordinator assigned to track and improve retention, which may be no surprise to those struggling to organize retention at their own schools.  In addition, less than a third of respondents (27%) can affirm that they have written retention plans to guide their efforts.  Nonetheless, everyone is scrambling these days to build and implement effective retention programs.  Opportunities for action are especially plentiful now that the federal government is preparing to make stimulus monies available to help institutions improve their retention performance.

It is in this environment, filled with opportunities and challenges alike, that Maguire Associates is launching a reformulated suite of retention services.

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Additional Insights and Innovations

  • Recommended Reading on the Topic of Retention: “High-Impact Educational Practices: A Brief Overview” by G.D. Kuh; Crossing the Finish Line:  Completing College at America's Public Universities by W.G. Bowen, M.M. Chingos, and M.S. McPherson; Student Success in College:  Creating Conditions that Matter by G.D. Kuh, J. Kinzie, J.H. Schuh, E.J. Whitt, and Associates.

  • The Five Dysfunctions of Enrollment Management Practice Today:  On May 25th, Maguire Associates President Kathy Dawley presented to chief enrollment officers of The Colonial Group, a consortium of prestigious research universities.  In the spirit of Patrick Lencioni's The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, the presentation examines barriers to institutional effectiveness that can result from the complicated practice of enrollment management in higher education today.
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