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Insights for a Changing Economy: Volume 3 – Bulletin #1

With the new year we offer four leadership principles to guide positive organizational change.

Four Insights about Effective Leadership in 2011 – and Beyond.

Happy New Year! 

Maguire Associates launched Insights for a Challenging Economy two and one-half years ago at the dawn of the Great Recession. Through the recession's depths we shared with you – and you with us – both facts and feelings about a troubled economy and its painful consequences for institutional leadership and enrollment management. Together, we considered what was happening, why, what to do about it and, above all else, how to remain calm and focused amid such economic turbulence.

So now it’s time for a modest rebranding of Insights. We know that times are still challenging. For many, the recession is over in name only, especially in the employment and credit markets. These may be so-called “lagging indicators” for the economy overall, but we all know the essential role jobs and credit play in making higher education possible for students and their families. 

Nonetheless, we accept that “challenge” is now a permanent condition – the “new normal” – and that wisdom and perspective are best found in using challenge to catalyze, build, and sustain positive organizational change. Thus, welcome to the new Insights for a Changing Economy and, with it, a review of some useful leadership principles to start the new year.

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