Maguire Associates Volume 3 – Bulletin #2  
Insights for a Changing Economy

Secretary Arne Duncan’s Vision:
Too Much, Not Enough, or Just Right?

Maguire Associates at the White House

Maguire Associates was pleased to participate in a White House forum on education, business, and the budget recently, sponsored by the New England Council. At the session, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan warned that America “must get much better, much faster in education and get out of the ‘catch up’ business.”

Playing catch-up appears to be exactly what the United States is doing, however, when one considers the ambition of the Obama Administration’s “cradle to career” vision for education. Click to read the full article.

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  • "A weather eye on the US storm." Linda Maguire, Vice Chair of Maguire Associates, comments on the latest developments in higher education in the United Kingdom and draws parallels with the U.S. in the Times Higher Education article, “A weather eye on the US storm.” Click here to read the full article.

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