Maguire Associates Volume 3 – Bulletin #3  
Insights for a Changing Economy

The Five Dysfunctions of Enrollment Management

Part 1: Introduction

We are often asked, “What are the most pressing problems in the practice of enrollment management today?” The question is only natural since we’ve worked so closely with hundreds of colleges and universities for nearly 30 years now.

This subject has been recently considered by Maguire Associates President & CEO, Kathy Dawley, in a framework of “five dysfunctions of enrollment management” that offers a clear and intentionally provocative critique of current practices. In this issue, we present an overview of the five dysfunctions. Subsequent issues of Insights will explore each dysfunction in greater detail and ask for your candid feedback.
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  • Enrollment Management's Sleeping Giant: Kathy Dawley, President and CEO of Maguire Associates, provides insight on how the NPC mandate affects institutions as well as students and their decision making behaviors in Enrollment Management's Sleeping Giant: The Net Price Calculator Mandate, found in the spring issue of NACAC's Journal of College Admissions.

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  • Secretary Arne Duncan’s Vision: Too Much, Not Enough, or Just Right? Maguire Associates was pleased to participate in a White House forum on education, business, and the budget in February, sponsored by the New England Council. To read our Insights from this White House session, click here.
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