Maguire Associates Volume 3 – Bulletin #5  
Insights for a Changing Economy

The Five Dysfunctions of Enrollment Management

Dysfunction #2: The Fear of Letting Go

After partnering with literally hundreds of admission and financial aid practitioners over the past 28 years, we note a common thread: Enrollment operations are loathe to relinquish any strategies, processes, and tactics that have been used in the past – even as newer techniques become available. Instead, we just see new initiatives and recruitment activities added every year. Inquiry and application pools have ballooned.  Over time, this additive process has left many enrollment leaders and their staffs overwhelmed and “running on empty.”

Not all recruitment strategies work indefinitely – even the best ones become outdated over time.  To stop running on empty, we need to be more willing to let some initiatives go in favor of others.  Here are four observations about how this situation has come about and what to do about it.

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