Maguire Associates Volume 4 – Bulletin #1, Audio Edition  
Insights for a Changing Economy

Four Leading Officials Consider the Effects of Income Inequality on Education

Remember this scene from the movie, Field of Dreams? James Earl Jones could not rid himself of Kevin Costner who had invaded his apartment with an impassioned plea. At one point, Jones bellowed, “Oh my God. You’re from the ‘60s!” To some, the Occupy Wall Street movement may seem like a flashback to the ‘60s. Regardless of your point of view on the protests, or whether you feel they are similar to or markedly different from the ‘60s, there is no doubt that income inequality is a highly relevant topic these days.

Maguire Associates recently sponsored a panel discussion on income inequality and higher education, hosted by Boston University. The panel featured Barry Bluestone, Dean, School of Public Policy & Urban Affairs, Northeastern University;
John (Jack) Maguire
, Chairman & Founder, Maguire Associates; Dannel Malloy, Governor, State of Connecticut; and Richard Wilkinson, Co-author of The Spirit Level: Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger. Click here or below to listen to the event as broadcast by WBUR’s (National Public Radio) - A World of Ideas

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