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Our Clients

Since our founding in 1983, we have served over 500 institutions—independent and public schools, colleges, universities, consortia and professional associations focused on education. Our engagements, both tactical and strategic in scope, help clients advance their mission, strengthen their reputation, and enhance the vitality and health of their institutions.

Some clients have contemplated new strategic directions, and others have considered major mission changes. Many seek to better understand the perceptions of external audiences to develop strategies for shaping image and brand. Still others want advice on organizational structure and management issues. Increasingly, clients also desire a method for linking institutional goals and tuition revenue by exploring trade-offs in the areas of student quality, class size, net revenue, and gender and/or ethnic diversity.

We have augmented our early work in enhancing undergraduate recruitment and enrollment with a full range of services for graduate and professional programs, e.g., law schools, MBA programs, and adult and graduate education programs.

Many clients have worked with us for years—affirming that our expertise, commitment, outcomes orientation, and collaborative spirit result in fruitful, long-term working relationships.