“We are now partnering with Maguire Associates to intelligently manage our rapid growth and to strengthen our vision to become the premier independent Catholic university in the South. Through smart and planned strategies as well as our strong partnership with Maguire Associates, we have been able to open upnew markets that have drastically changed the face of Bellarmine University. Maguire Associates has not only been with us during this time but has provided invaluable expertise to help guide our planning and strengthen our growth.

“Our partnership is as valuable today as it was five years ago. Maguire Associates not only serves the University in a traditional consulting role, but also goes beyond that by joining our strategic conversations and more fully understanding the vision of the University. It is this extra effort that helps go beyond the standard client-consultant relationship. The folks at Maguire know us nearly as well as our own enrollment folks, and this allows them to better contribute to our relationship. We value our partnership and look forward to partnering with Maguire Associates more broadly across the University.”

Joseph J. McGowan
Former President
Bellarmine University


“We are significantly impressed with the quality of the Maguire Associates’ staff. The Maguire staff is outstanding in their willingness to listen to and respect all who are involved in our work. They worked very hard at getting to know us, our goals, and our needs at Indiana University Northwest. We were quite impressed with how insightful the Maguire staff has been.”

“The services that Maguire Associates provides are thoughtful and comprehensive…The talented staff knows higher education extremely well and is able to tackle every new issue with experience and foresight. The thing that keeps our relationship lasting is that the information Maguire Associates provides is actionable…through quantitative analysis, data collection, thoughtful decisions, and an informed knowledge of what messages we should deliver to position the University.”

Bruce Bergland
Chancellor (Retired)
Indiana University Northwest


“We [The Chronicle of Higher Education] asked Maguire Associates to conduct research studies on four-year college presidents and four-year college trustees. The work that Maguire Associates did was extremely helpful in narrowing the scope and directing the question format. Maguire Associates’ analysis of the data was complete and sophisticated. Both studies continue to get a lot of attention in the industry because nothing like it had ever been done.”

Jeffrey Selingo
Former Editor
The Chronicle of Higher Education


“As a result of Maguire Associates’ work, I can say with confidence that people at St. Michael’s have a much better understanding of what factors shape a class using measurement and realistic goals. Maguire Associates is wonderful in helping you gain control and a handle on what it takes to enroll a class.”

 John Neuhauser
Saint Michael’s College
St. Michaels


“The excellent EMFASYS system has allowed us to leverage limited financial aid and scholarship dollars to much greater advantage in meeting our enrollment goals. We are delighted at our ability to meet the need of our students in terms of financial incentives.

“What is most impressive is that EMFASYS is a true partnership. We can see mid-cycle in enrollment tracking in terms of aggregate applications in various groups to make adjustments to the model to change packaging. We have seen significant changes in terms of higher net tuition revenue and our ability to attract the numbers and types of students we desire, which makes it easier for us to plan. This is a sophisticated model.

“The dollars spent on work with Maguire Associates are an invaluable investment in meeting our enrollment goals.”

 Kristin Tichenor
Vice President, Enrollment Management
Worcester Polytechnic Institute