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Innovations for a Challenging Economy: Bulletin #1

Maguire Associates is pleased to introduce our improved Yield Enhancement Service. We are doing so with the launch of this new bulletin, entitled Innovations for a Challenging Economy. We have been publishing Insights for a Challenging Economy for five months now, focused on timely leadership, communication and enrollment management issues. We will continue providing our Insights on a regular basis. Now, with Innovations, we will also be delivering news of services and tools designed to help institutions navigate successfully through these tough times.

In-depth analysis of student perceptions, opinions, and decisions is essential for achieving optimal results. Augmenting that analysis with key institutional data greatly increases its power.

Introducing our Customized Yield Enhancement Service

Market research is an essential investment, but never more so than in uncertain times. We are approaching a point in the enrollment cycle when specific knowledge about the motivations, intentions, and characteristics of your admitted students and how to utilize that knowledge can pay substantial dividends now and for years to come. There is hardly a more urgent occasion to listen carefully to admitted students than during the coming spring and early summer. Read the full article...

Additional Insights and Innovations

  • Pricing Optimization and Value Enhancement: What is the optimal price for an education at your school? This may seem to be a straightforward question, but many college and university presidents, enrollment management officers, and other administrators acknowledge its true complexity. The best answers can be found in understanding the intricate relationships between price and value, especially the distinct value perceptions held by prospective students and their families. Click here to read more about EMPROVE, our pricing optimization and value enhancement service.

  • What We See Now – and Three Ways To Think About It: This article was featured in the most recent edition of Insights for a Challenging Economy (February 24th). In it, we share what we are seeing in the student recruitment marketplace right now, and offer three insights, not always obvious, to guide your perspectives during the next critical phase of this enrollment cycle.

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