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Innovations for a Challenging Economy: Bulletin #2

As Maguire Associates' new national survey demonstrates, families are considering a host of educational options in this challenging economy. Detailed, customized research on your prospects and students is more important than ever.

Predictive modeling:
The straight story on enrollment’s newest best practice

At first, predictive modeling may feel new and uncomfortable, but so did many of today’s most widely accepted practices: search strategies; The Common Application; and even institutional websites. As with these earlier innovations, however, predictive modeling is also now becoming an indispensable best practice for protecting the financial sustainability of colleges and universities.

The purpose of this second edition of Innovations is to shed light on how predictive models are being incorporated into enrollment management operations and how these tools help institutions achieve their enrollment and financial goals. Read the full article...

Additional Insights and Innovations

  • Make Your Best Offers - The Power of Price Sensitivity: Student enrollment choices are influenced by complex issues. At the time of the admission offer, one factor rises in importance: net cost. Finding the right price point and discount rate, while difficult, is essential to long-term financial sustainability. Discounting tuition too little will fail to enroll enough students to fill capacity. Discounting too much will over-award students who would be likely to enroll with smaller financial aid packages. Both are detrimental to net revenue.

    To enroll the best class possible with available resources, most institutions need to deploy institutional financial aid strategically and systematically. The first step for your institution is making an accurate assessment of your students’ price sensitivity. Click here to read the full article.

  • Planning for an Effective Summer: Four Suggestions for Getting Ahead: As you think about well-deserved summer vacations – where a “discount rate” is a good deal on a hotel and the only “melt” to worry about concerns the ice in your lemonade – you’ll avoid some of the stress of this past year if you take time to plan for a productive summer. In order to make the necessary adjustments that will place your institution in a stronger position for 2009-2010, now is the time to engage in an honest and thorough review of the past year. Read the full article...

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