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Innovations for a Challenging Economy: Bulletin #3

Predictive modeling helps institutions employ a proactive approach to planning for enrollment and effectively crafting the composition of incoming classes.

Video Edition:

Understanding Predictive Modeling

Maguire Associates is pleased to release a new video entitled Understanding Predictive Modeling. Featuring Senior Consultants Sarah Parrott and Dave Wuinee, the seven-minute video explains how predictive modeling works and underscores the benefits it delivers to colleges and universities. Click here to watch the video...

Additional Insights and Innovations

  • Enrollment's Newest Best Practice: At first, predictive modeling may feel new and uncomfortable, but so did many of today’s most widely accepted practices: search strategies; The Common Application; and even institutional websites. As with these earlier innovations, however, predictive modeling is becoming an indispensable best practice for protecting the financial sustainability of colleges and universities.

    The second edition of Innovations helped to shed light on how predictive models are being incorporated into enrollment management operations and how these tools help institutions achieve their enrollment and financial goals. Click here to read the full article.

  • Reflections on and Lessons from the Previous Enrollment Cycle: In case you missed it, in our tenth issue of Insights for a Challenging Economy (July 21), we shared thoughts on this most recent and most difficult enrollment cycle. Having reached a moment that is ripe for reflection, when both the fear and the facts are fresh in our memories, insights gleaned now are the sort that institutions can transform into newer, better strategies for the recruitment cycle now underway. Read the full article...

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