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Innovations for a Challenging Economy: Bulletin #4

Using research to understand your prospective students' cost expectations (both enrolling and non-enrolling) and their impressions of your institution is an essential part of effective price-setting and budgeting.

Now is the time for asking questions
about Pricing, Awarding, Messaging, and Recruiting

EMPROVE from Maguire Associates helps uncover the answers

The thick of the fall recruitment season is now upon us. For many institutions, this means the start of complex discussions about 2010-2011 tuition pricing and resource allocation for key enrollment functions such as admissions recruiting and financial aid awarding.

All institutions understandably rely on financial documents, historical evidence, and anecdotal input from experts throughout the organization to inform these discussions. In challenging times, however, these traditional sources of expertise and experience are often not enough to measure up to the difficult pricing and budgeting choices ahead. A tuition increase decision may seem simple in concept, but making such a choice raises many, interrelated operational questions. Read the full article...

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