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Innovations for a Challenging Economy: Bulletin #5

Using predictive modeling to identify your prospective students' price sensitivity to financial aid offered at your institution is key to revealing how much aid awarding strategies can affect your enrollment, revenue, and discount rate.

Crafting a Class in Year Two of a Challenging Economy:

Put EMFASYS on Yield

Here’s the major question: After surviving last year, how will colleges and universities enroll this year’s class in ways that are financially sustainable? A first glance at the environment continues to look troubling, but you need not be a victim of circumstance. The key is to make sure that your operations are finely calibrated for this cycle, not the last one.

Here’s the answer
: With predictive modeling and serious strategic consultation, you can act proactively and successfully with your financial aid awarding to place a real EMFASYS on yield.
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Additional Insights and Innovations

  • Three Steps for Managing Serious Challenges: In case you missed it, in our second issue of Volume 2 of Insights for a Challenging Economy (November 11), we shared our perspective on key elements of leadership amidst serious challenges and crises. These strategies are important whether the situation has implications nationally, locally, or merely internally. Read the full article...

  • Education Department Releases Template for Net-Price Calculator: In this Chronicle of Higher Education blog post, Beckie Supiano shares that the U.S. Department of Education released its template for a net-price calculator. All institutions will be legally required to have one on their websites in less than two years.

    Blending strategic financial aid awarding with this legal imperative requires comprehensive and experienced consultation and technical support. Maguire Associates has already worked with many institutions to develop sophisticated, effective, and customized net-price calculators, because the U.S. DOE template is a very good start, but might be too generic for some institutions.

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