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Innovations for a Challenging Economy: Bulletin #6

Smart market research that links your prospective students' opinions with your institutional data can produce powerful insights to help you recruit and enroll students more successfully than ever.

Power Tomorrow’s Yield with Today’s Effort:

With Maguire Associates’
Yield Enhancement Service

There can be no doubt your admission staffs are working very hard right now to recruit and enroll your next classes. A lingering question remains, however, as to whether you feel you are also working as effectively as possible?

Maguire Associates' Yield Enhancement Service is designed to help you improve the performance and efficiency of your recruitment efforts. The key is in our delivery of timely market research on your newly admitted students coupled with sophisticated analyses, expert guidance, and customized recommendations for improving recruitment.

The result for clients is a deep understanding of the motivations, intentions, and characteristics of admitted students as well as specific recommendations for increasing the percentage of admitted students who ultimately enroll next cycle and beyond. Read the full article...

Additional Insights and Innovations

  • College Presidents Say 2010 will be "the hard one": This Chronicle of Higher Education article reports on an important forum at the national meeting of the Council of Independent Colleges held earlier this month. The conference was attended by more than 350 private college presidents, some of whom expressed concerns about fall 2010 enrollment. When looking ahead to what would be the third year of a challenging economy, one president said, "There is a theory that fall 2010 is going to be the hard one.” Maguire Associates' President Kathy Dawley and Executive Vice President Linda Cox Maguire attended the conference and discussed these issues with presidents from across the country.

  • Financial Aid guru Mark Kantrowitz looks at for-profit higher education enrollment: In this paper, Mark Kantrowitz, national financial aid expert and the founder of, looks deeper at a subset of data from Maguire Associates' 2009 College Decision Impact Survey and analyzes the data for insights about students enrolling at for-profit institutions in the challenging economy. Read the full article...

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