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Bulletin: Insights for a Challenging Economy

Managing Fear, Building Evidence in Tough Times

Maguire Associates has been serving colleges and universities for 25 years. We have witnessed many periods of economic uncertainty in that time, always working with clients to calibrate what is happening and collaborate on how best to respond to it.

Clients have been expressing understandable anxiety about the economy recently. This Bulletin, the first in a series we will be sharing with you in coming weeks, offers two insights for managing through tough times and the constant hype that can make them seem worse. Read the full article...

Additional Resources for Succeeding in a Challenging Economy

  • Your Institution's Value and Price: This article, "Finding Your Value Fingerprint," was featured in the September 2008 issue of The Maguire Network. It is the third in a series of articles about pricing and value, issues that take on even greater importance amidst economic disruption. The article also contains links to the first two pieces in the series, "What's Your Value Proposition" and "The Power of Price Sensitivity."

  • Financial Aid Changes at Highly Selective Institutions: Recently published in College & University Journal, "For Those Without Billions" provides thorough research and analysis on the significant trend of aggressive financial aid policy changes that took place this past Winter. It explores what has happened, what it all means, and what the vast majority of less wealthy institutions can do in this climate.

  • Leadership Amid Controversy: A helpful resource is "Leadership Amid Controversy: Presidential Perspectives," an issue of New Directions for Higher Education (Winter 2004, Judith Block McLaughlin, editor). Judith Block McLaughlin is the director of the Harvard Seminar for New Presidents and the Harvard Seminar for Experienced Presidents. While this issue doesn't directly address economic circumstances, it provides excellent perspective from college and university presidents who have led in times of controversy at their institutions.

  • Encouraging Dissent: An interesting and timely reminder - and a quick read at only two pages - by Garry Emmons, senior associate editor of the Harvard Business School Alumni Bulletin. "Encouraging Dissent in Decision Making" provides applicable lessons for leadership, especially in confusing and challenging circumstances.

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