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Insights for a Challenging Economy: Bulletin #10

There was an encouraging amount of hard-earned enrollment success in this cycle. New challenges may be on the horizon, however, as results from Maguire Associates’ College Decision Impact Survey show more high school juniors than seniors strongly agreeing that they will be unlikely to afford a private college education.

Reflections on and Lessons from the Previous Enrollment Cycle

As this most uncertain and difficult enrollment cycle glides mercifully to the finish line, we’ve reached a moment that is ripe for reflection. Insights gleaned now, in the moments when both the fear and the facts are fresh in our memories, are the sort that institutions can transform into newer, better strategies for the next recruitment cycle now underway.

Many college and university leaders were understandably fearful as this past year bounded roughly over rocky terrain. While this year presented complex challenges for most institutions and resulted in disappointing outcomes for some, there were many institutions that successfully built their first year classes, despite the forecasts. Read the full article...

Additional Resources

  • Maguire Associates' College Decision Impact Survey suggests 2009 was a good year for incoming students: Colleges and universities “stepped up to the plate” to help with enrollment through need- and merit-based awards. We recently shared select comments and analyses from our large-scale national survey of high school juniors, seniors, and parents of seniors. Click here to read Yahoo's coverage of the release.

  • The latest research on college and university governing boards: The AGB (Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges) released findings from its survey of nearly 700 public and private colleges. The survey provides policy and practice analysis for governance in higher education. Click here to read the executive summary.

  • The latest on financial aid simplification: This Inside Higher Ed article from late last month details the current legislative and policy status of the ongoing effort to simplify the higher education financial aid application process for students and families.

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