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Bulletin #2: Insights for a Challenging Economy

Four Strategies for a Difficult Economy

Today’s economic conditions are monopolizing discussions among leadership teams and boards of trustees at many colleges and universities. It is a nerve-wracking time, to say the least. Financial stresses now loom very large in pending decisions about enrollment, tuition increases, net revenue, financial aid policies, and discount rates. Here are four immediate strategies to consider. Read the full article...

Additional Resources

  • Managing Fear, Building Evidence in Tough Times: This article was featured in Bulletin #1: Insights for a Challenging Economy, made available on October 16th. In case you missed it, this introductory piece offers two brief insights for the complicated moment we're in.

  • The Net or the Noose: This article, written by Maguire Associates Executive Vice President Linda Cox Maguire and published in University Business discusses a holistic and sustainable approach to financial aid strategies that helps prevent budgetary troubles.

  • A New Formula for Enrollment Management: Times of stress and difficulty can, with steady leadership, lead to positive change within an organization. Our new book, EM=C2: A New Formula for Enrollment Management, tackles some of the greatest challenges of 21st century higher education administration and offers new ways of working and ideas for putting the theory to work for your institution.

  • Financial Aid and Student Access: Dr. Bridget Terry Long, Associate Professor of Education and Economics at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education, is a nationally renowned expert on higher education economics, financial aid policy, and student access issues. She has published several dozen papers and reports on essential education topics. Visit Dr. Long's homepage for information on and links to her research on access and affordability, topics of such importance, especially in a difficult economy. She also recently discussed Secretary Margaret Spellings' plan to simplify the FAFSA form.

  • Affordable Schools on Student, Parent Minds: From The Boston Globe and education writer Peter Schworm on October 21st, this article details families' cost concerns and institutions' fears about recruitment in the current economy. Public institutions are already noticing an increase in event attendance. Read the full article.

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