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Bulletin #3: Insights for a Challenging Economy

Maguire Associates Chairman & Founder Jack Maguire (second from right) led a discussion on developing creative talent at the Global HR Forum 2008 this month in Seoul, South Korea. The effect of the economic downturn on global higher education was a frequent discussion topic at the event.

Three Suggestions for Surviving Today and Thriving Tomorrow

It is a challenge in a difficult economy to ensure that the loudest and seemingly most urgent issues do not monopolize your time. In moments of uncertainty and stress there is enormous pressure to focus on urgent matters, whether or not they are genuinely important.

A key to effectiveness is to concentrate on issues that are important and urgent while not losing sight of important matters that may not seem as urgent right now. With inattention, the latter can become urgent very quickly. Read the full article...

Additional Resources

  • Four Strategies for a Difficult Economy: This article was featured in Bulletin #2: Insights for a Challenging Economy (October 30th). In case you missed it, this piece offers four strategies you can use right now to navigate a difficult economy.

  • Improving Strategic Search: In this paper, we explore ways to improve planning, strategy, and success with student search. We outline how to make the best bets possible in one of the most costly and critical facets of student recruitment.

  • Targeting Transfers: This University Business article explores challenges and important partnerships and considerations for attracting transfer students.

  • The Bubble that Didn't Burst: This Inside Higher Ed article, in conjunction with a few other notable recent news items, offers the welcome reminder that caution and anticipation are valuable, but evidence and verification are necessary ingredients for devising and executing strategies in tough times. Many private colleges assumed the economy would dampen early decision applications but are finding their assumptions were mistaken. We advocate maintaining a disciplined triple-A strategy: Anticipate, Assess, Adjust.

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