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Bulletin #4: Insights for a Challenging Economy

At last month’s College Board Forum, Maguire Associates’ Dr. Robert Mirabile presented findings from the company’s survey of senior admissions and enrollment officials. The survey was performed in partnership with The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Year-End Ideas for Spending Wisely, Safeguarding Revenue, and Assessing Talent

Those either seeking or providing higher education are searching for both savings and good returns on their investments, across the country and around the world.

A challenging economy can create opportunities for meaningful investments of time and money in new or revised processes, operations, and strategies that may not have been possible in better circumstances.

Difficult times certainly create great urgency to optimize revenues and control expenses. Interestingly, an uncertain economy also creates openings for improvement in how leaders assess, manage, reward, and promote an institution’s most valuable and expensive asset – its employees. Read the full article...

Additional Resources

  • Three Suggestions for Surviving Today and Thriving Tomorrow: This article was featured in Bulletin #3: Insights for a Challenging Economy (November 19th). In case you missed it, this piece offers three tips for surviving the moment without sacrificing the future.

  • The Reality of Merit Aid: In a Winter in which revenue is of utmost importance to most colleges and universities, many maintain opinions about so-called "merit aid" in college admissions that are not fully informed by the broader realities across the higher education spectrum. In this article, recently published in College & University Journal, we offer a season-appropriate analysis of the true causes, value, and impact of merit aid on the admissions landscape.

  • Sorting out Economic Outcomes: Recently, The Chronicle of Higher Education featured two intriguing articles that test the conventional wisdom surrounding the effects of the current economy. In the first article, Paul Basken explores the impact to date on private colleges. In the second, Katherine Mangan details the financial challenges that public colleges face with regard to government funding. In combination, these two articles present an alternative perspective and suggest that it may not be a given that public colleges will be perceived by all as the greater value and that private colleges are too costly.

  • Uncovering Hidden Talent in Your Staff: This University Business article, from July 2004, offers a very timely set of reminders and ideas regarding the best and worst ways to utilize and nurture operations and support staff, an essential and often overlooked pool of potential talent and productivity in tight times.

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