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Bulletin #5: Insights for a Challenging Economy

Listening skills are essential in tough times. With the help of some inspiring professors, effective listening habits are often formed in the college classroom.

Why Effective Communication Matters Now More Than Ever

Leadership and stewardship of institutional resources are especially challenging in times like these. To manage them most effectively, college and university officials need to know whether they are communicating with their faculty and staff colleagues as efficiently and productively as possible. Clarity of communication is an especially important matter now as boards and executive teams meet to make pricing and budget decisions for next year.

Too often in frantic, fast-moving times, important strategic conversations are ineffectual, delayed or even forgotten. While many of us are already struggling to keep our New Year’s resolutions, we should never forego a resolution to evaluate and improve communication. In a week when our nation embraced a transition that placed a premium on thoughtful and persuasive communication, we can all heed the reminder of its power and importance in governing our own administrations and institutions. Read the full article...

Additional Resources

  • Year-End Ideas for Spending Wisely, Safeguarding Revenue, and Assessing Talent: This article was featured in Bulletin #4: Insights for a Challenging Economy (December 11th). In case you missed it, this piece offers ideas for investment, recruitment, and assessment in the interest of improving effectiveness, efficiency, and resource allocation.

  • Student Demographics in the Coming Decade: Hold the Panic: Impending student demographic shifts and declining high school graduation numbers are topics of increasing concern among higher education administrators and leaders. In this article, published in the December 2008 issue of Recruitment & Retention in Higher Education, we offer careful research and analysis of an essential issue that is featured in countless high-level conversations in colleges and universities this year. And indeed, when it comes to traditional college-going students, the world is changing - just not as much as you've heard.

  • Insights for a Challenging Economy Podcast Edition: In this recent podcast, Fordham University Vice President for Enrollment Peter Stace discusses how higher education institutions can adjust “business as usual” to meet the needs of students in tough economic times.

  • Higher Education in a Troubled Economy: This past December, the New England Board of Higher Education held a conference on surviving the economic downturn, sharing extensive information on the economy as a whole and for higher education in particular. Maguire Associates President Kathy Dawley was a panelist at one of the key sessions. The NEBHE has posted many valuable materials from the conference online.

  • Stiff Challenges, Especially for Private Colleges: This recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education provides an update from Moody's 2009 U.S. Higher Education Outlook and offers brief comments and general trends, exactly the kind of information that colleges and universities ought to monitor continually.

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