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Insights for a Challenging Economy: Bulletin #6

Colleges and universities are navigating many obstacles these days. Thinking carefully and looking closely enough to distinguish between those that are truly obstacles and those that are illusions is key to steering towards success in today’s economy.

What We See Now – and Three Ways to Think About It

While the work of college and university leadership teams is never easy, the recent student demographic spike, the abundance of online admission applications, and half a decade’s surge in financial markets have made for years of mostly smooth sailing – until now. So, what are the most important considerations for steering your yield tactics in the days ahead?

We offer three insights, not always obvious in the midst of this storm, to guide your perspectives during the next critical phase of this enrollment cycle. Read the full article...

Additional Resources

  • The Final Stimulus Bill: This recent Inside Higher Ed article provides the essential details from the recently passed stimulus bill that are pertinent to higher education. In it, Doug Lederman lists the measures and amounts of investments for institutions, students, and families. This is invaluable information for institutions to utilize in fiscal planning and to be able to share with families as students make their enrollment decisions.

  • Rethinking Student Aid: Last September, The College Board, with support from the Lumina Foundation for Education and the Spencer Foundation, released "Fulfilling the Commitment: Recommendations for Reforming Federal Student Aid." This report represents the work and ideas of some of the nation's most renowned financial aid and higher education researchers, including Ronald Ehrenberg, Don Hossler, Tom Kane, Bridget Terry Long, and Susan Dynarski. At a time when America's financial aid system's limits are being tested, the study group has offered comprehensive recommendations for reform.

  • Why Effective Communication Matters Now More Than Ever: This article was featured in Bulletin #5: Insights for a Challenging Economy (January 23rd). It offers suggestions on communicating and leading most effectively in a time when, for a number of reasons, communication matters more than many might realize.

  • Ideas for Spending Wisely, Safeguarding Revenue, and Assessing Talent: For everyone who didn't have a chance to see it, this article was featured in Bulletin #4: Insights for a Challenging Economy (December 11th), offering ideas on investment, recruitment, and assessment for improving effectiveness, efficiency, and resource allocation.

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