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Insights for a Challenging Economy: Bulletin #7 - National Survey Edition

Current and accurate market knowledge is central to success in completing the Fall 2009 first-year class and planning for 2010.

Emerging Insights from Maguire Associates' College Decision Impact Survey

The critical period in which students and families seriously weigh admission offers and financial aid packages has begun. In the next several weeks, they will choose which college or university to attend. On what will they base their decisions this year? Early insights from our new College Decision Impact Survey suggest that affordability and financial aid are among the highest priority concerns of students and parents in this year’s college search and selection process.

Maguire Associates has invited prospective college students and parents across the nation to participate in a survey designed to understand emotions, motivations, and intentions of college-bound students and their families in light of the current economic climate. The survey was launched last month in partnership with FastWeb and The New School. Read the full article...

Additional Resources

  • What We See Now – and Three Ways To Think About It: This article was featured in the last edition of Insights for a Challenging Economy (February 24th). In it, we share what we are seeing in the student recruitment marketplace right now, and offer three insights, not always obvious, to guide your perspectives during the next critical phase of this enrollment cycle.

  • The World is Changing - Just Not as Much as You've Heard: Going into 2009 and beyond, student demographic shifts and declining high school graduation numbers are topics of great interest among higher education leaders. In our second recent article on this important topic, published in the Winter 2009 issue of College & University Journal, we offer careful research and analysis of a topic about which fear has been louder than evidence. Indeed, when it comes to traditional college-going students, the world is changing - just not as much as you've heard.

  • The All-Important Campus Visit: This recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education takes a deep look at the most important elements of a successful campus visit and tour program for prospective students. At a time when admitted students around the nation are making final visits to colleges and universities to make their enrollment decisions, this piece, written by Eric Hoover, offers useful reminders and many helpful insights for providing visitors the best experience possible.

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