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Insights for a Challenging Economy: Bulletin #8

When considering requests for additional financial aid, wise enrollment leaders are working to optimize both revenue and yield, making decisions judiciously and strategically from historical evidence and not from fear.

Is That Your Final Offer?
Four Recommendations for Finishing the Enrollment Race Strong

Colleges and universities across the country have now placed most of their acceptance letters and financial aid packages in the hands of students and families. While this is certainly a nerve-wracking time for many enrollment professionals, it also presents a great opportunity as these students and families inquire about their financial aid packages. The tone and tactics of the response to families over the next few weeks may make or break incoming classes at many institutions across the country. Read the full article...

Additional Resources

  • Emerging Insights from Maguire Associates' College Decision Impact Survey: In the seventh installment of Insights for a Challenging Economy (March 18th), we announced our national survey on student and parent emotions and intentions regarding their college choices and shared our first round of emerging insights from the data we've gathered. Thus far, we have found some confirmatory evidence of what many expect, but also have uncovered an intriguing and encouraging theme worth considering.

  • What We See Now – and Three Ways To Think About It: This article was featured in the sixth installment of Insights for a Challenging Economy (February 24th). In it, we offered three insights, not always obvious, that can help guide your perspectives during this latter critical phase of this enrollment cycle.

  • Sizing Up Financial Aid: This recent Smart Money article is directed to high school seniors and their families. In these important moments, it's essential to keep up with the advice and information that the media are providing to your prospective students.

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