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Insights for a Challenging Economy: Bulletin #9

Summer is the time for analytically evaluating your recruitment efforts and results in detail. It is critical to determine what has been effective and what needs adjustment.

Planning for an Effective Summer: Four Suggestions for Getting Ahead

As you start to think about well-deserved summer vacations – where a “discount rate” is a good deal on a hotel and the only “melt” to worry about concerns the ice in your lemonade – you’ll avoid some of the stress of this past year if you take time to plan for a productive summer.

In order to make the necessary adjustments that will place your institution in a stronger position for 2009-2010, now is the time to engage in an honest and thorough review of the past year. Read the full article...

Additional Resources

  • Is That Your Final Offer? Four Recommendations for Finishing the Enrollment Race Strong: In the eighth installment of Insights for a Challenging Economy (April 14th), we offered recommendations for managing the process of financial aid reconsideration requests from students and families. May 1st may have passed, but these calls are sure to continue throughout the summer. In case you missed it, this article can still help you and your colleagues accumulate and retain enrollment deposits.

  • Value Trumps Price When It Comes to College Choices: Maguire Associates released early findings from our national College Decision Impact Survey on April 15th. We will soon begin the second wave of research, asking 25,000 student and parent responders about their final enrollment choices, allowing us to compare and analyze the differences and similarities between their emotions and intentions in March and their actual enrollment decisions in May.

  • Colleges Going to their Waitlists Early: This recent Inside Higher Ed article describes several selective institutions' decisions to offer admission to students on their waitlists earlier than in previous years. The application of different waitlist strategies has been a widespread discussion topic throughout this year with many enrollment managers concerned about their ability to project first year enrollment accurately.

  • More Calls to Simplify Financial Aid: In an earlier edition of Insights for a Challenging Economy, we shared information about The College Board's "Rethinking Financial Aid" report. In late April, the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) released its own report and framework for simplifying the nation's aid system. Click to read Inside Higher Ed's summary article about the report's release.

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