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Insights for a Challenging Economy: Volume 2 – Bulletin #1

Recalibrating and analyzing data, strategies, and tactics are important elements of success in this new enrollment cycle. Maguire Associates was prominently featured at the NACAC National Conference in Baltimore (above) presenting three sessions on these and other critical issues.

Three Ways to Recalibrate for the New Enrollment Cycle

Welcome to the second year of our Insights for a Challenging Economy bulletin. More than in most recent Septembers, institutional and enrollment leaders seem to be sharing the same sense of excitement and disorientation that their new students are experiencing.

While itís understandably difficult to disconnect from the ever-increasing tempo of the new academic and enrollment calendar, itís especially important to find the time to do so. This is not fall 2008 when much of the global economy was engulfed in turmoil and uncertainty. This is fall 2009, and if your recruitment strategies are calibrated for anything other than the moment weíre in now, it could well be a very long year. Read the full article...

Additional Resources

  • Maguire Associates Summer Symposium: Maguire Associates is pleased to release five brief videos with highlights from our Summer 2009 Symposium exploring the economy's impact on student and parent college decision making. Each video focuses on a specific question of interest such as: How is the economic crisis changing student application patterns? Why did some students preferring public institutions choose private colleges and universities, and vice versa? How are high school seniors (last yearís juniors) viewing college decision making in this recession? Click here to view these videos.

  • The Missing Enrollment Meltdown: In case you missed it, we recently shared our latest article, published in College & University Journal, offering fresh insight and analysis of the recently completed enrollment cycle. Click here to read the full article.

  • NACAC National Conference Presentations: Maguire Associates was well represented at the NACAC National Conference in Baltimore from September 24-26.

    Maguire Associates presentations at the NACAC National Conference
    Optimizing Student Recruitment - Improving Search and Outreach with Analysis and Evidence
    With Senior Consultant Jonathan Epstein and colleagues from Calvin College, Ripon College, and The College Board (Room 316)
    Attitudes of Senior-Level Admission Officers toward Key Issues in Higher Education
    With Associate Vice President for Research Rob Mirabile and colleagues from the University of Vermont and Siena College (Room 314)
    Analyzing Students' Choices in a Time of Uncertainty and Change; College Decision Impact Survey Findings
    With Chairman Jack Maguire, Senior Vice President for Research Operations Tara Scholder, and colleagues from The New School and FastWeb (Room 316)

    Also representing Maguire Associates at the conference was President Kathy Dawley, Senior Vice President Pat Casey, and Senior Consultant David Wuinee.

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