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Insights for a Challenging Economy: Volume 2 – Bulletin #2

At a recent Maguire Associates symposium in Boston, a distinguished panel of senior officials discussed leadership in challenging times. Participants included (from left to right) President Bob Brown of Boston University, President Dan Fogel of the University of Vermont, Dan Shore, CFO of Harvard University, Linda Cox Maguire and Jack Maguire of Maguire Associates, and Kristin Tichenor, Vice President of Enrollment at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Three Steps for Managing Serious Challenges

Many colleges and universities are confronting even more complex challenges than usual. Indeed, the timing, intensity, and consequences of some of the most serious challenges qualify them as outright crises. Managing multiple difficult events such as salary freezes, budget cuts, job reductions, enrollment declines, and rising discount rates can seem overwhelming to even the most experienced among us.

Whether your institution is facing a full-fledged organizational crisis, a more contained set of concerns, or youíre simply coping with budget issues that are pervasive in a recession, itís a good time to recall some strategies for handling unpleasant and uncomfortable situations effectively. Read the full article...

Additional Resources

  • Three Ways to Recalibrate for the New Enrollment Cycle: In case you missed it, in our first issue from Volume 2 of Insights for a Challenging Economy (September 30), we offered a few important thoughts and suggestions for making sure that you've calibrated your enrollment plans for the moment we're in and not the moments we survived last year. Click here to read the full article.

  • Trends in Pricing and Financial Aid: In October, The College Board released its annual reports on trends in higher education pricing and trends in student financial aid. These reports are essential data and reading for higher education leaders.

  • College InSight Launched: The Institute for College Access and Success on Thursday unveiled a new Web site, College InSight, designed to provide a wide range of data about colleges -- information on prices and financial aid, socioeconomic, racial and other diversity, and student outcomes. The site, a resource for parents as well as policy makers, allows users to build their own data sets based on the institutions and data elements of their choosing.

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