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In the last issue of The Maguire Network, the Net-Poll question asked readers to share whether they agree with the idea that recent changes in the financial aid policies at some highly selective universities would eventually cause their institutions to change financial aid policies. As shown in the chart below, about one in five respondents agreed with this statement, while nearly 80% disagreed.

These findings echo results from a similar question that Maguire Associates recently asked in a nationwide survey of senior-level enrollment and admissions officers sponsored by The Chronicle of Higher Education. In particular, we found that 18% of respondents in the Chronicle survey work at schools that had changed (8%) or are considering changing (10%) their financial aid policies because of recent related actions taken by some highly selective institutions. The largest proportion of enrollment/admissions officers indicated their schools had not considered (67%) or had rejected the idea of making changes (6%). About 1 in 10 respondents were not sure or did not respond.


What impact might these financial aid policy trends have in the competitive marketplace of student recruitment and enrollment? To learn more about this important topic, click here to read "For Those Without Billions," by Senior Consultants Jonathan Epstein and Sarah Parrott, recently published in AACRAO’s College & University Journal, and also featured in this issue of The Maguire Network.


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