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In our last issue, we asked readers whether they anticipate that their institutions will experience a substantial drop in annual fund participation this year compared to last year. Only 15% of respondents indicated they expect such a decrease.



These results suggest that many institutional leaders expect annual alumni fundraising efforts to hold steady or improve, especially noteworthy optimism in light of the current economic conditions in the U.S.

Why don’t more higher education professionals expect that alumni donations at their institutions will mirror the national economic trends? The answer may lie in the great importance placed on this activity by top administrators. In a recent survey of college and university presidents that Maguire Associates conducted in partnership with The Chronicle of Higher Education, we found that presidents rate “meeting fundraising goals” as one of the highest priorities in defining their success.


To explore more results from the Maguire Associates/Chronicle of Higher Education presidents' survey, click here to review our presentation.


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