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March 2009

Emerging Insights from Maguire Associates' College Decision Impact Survey

Maguire Associates launches comprehensive national student survey in collaboration with FastWeb and The New School.
Maguire Associates has invited prospective college students and parents across the nation to participate in a survey designed to understand the emotions, motivations, and intentions of college-bound students and their families in light of the current economic climate. Click here to read early indications from the College Decision Impact Survey, shared in our most recent edition of Insights for a Challenging Economy.

Introducing our Customized Yield Enhancement Service

Market research is an essential investment, but never more so than in uncertain times. We are approaching a point in the enrollment cycle when specific knowledge about the motivations, intentions, and characteristics of your admitted students – and how to utilize that knowledge – can pay substantial dividends now and for years to come. There is hardly a more urgent occasion to listen carefully to admitted students than during the coming spring and early summer. Read the full article...

The Milk Trout

Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk.
-Henry David Thoreau

Jack Maguire, Chairman and Founder of Maguire Associates, scans our research and other interesting findings, spots the "trout in the milk," and shares insights with our readers. In this edition, Jack discusses the economic downturn and the potential global opportunities that may exist for those institutions that seek out the trout in the milk. Read more...

Changing Perceptions of Your Institution's Value

The final installment in The Maguire Network pricing and value article series
What does it take to change perceptions of institutional value? In today’s economy, comprehensive market knowledge is more important than ever to respond appropriately to heightened financial considerations surrounding enrollment targets, tuition increases, net revenue, financial aid policies, and discount rates. Read more...

Ask An Expert!

Office Manager
Todd Graf

Todd is an expert in customer service and satisfaction. He treats every caller or visitor with kindness, respect, and appreciation, ensuring that their needs are met and that their perception of Maguire Associates is favorable and authentic. At a time when technologies make interactions with organizations impersonal if not downright unhelpful, Todd reminds us that the “relationship” is central to effective Customer Relationship Management. He has been with Maguire Associates since 2004, but it feels to all of us and to many of our clients like he has been around for the entire 25 years of our firm. Todd is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the office and provides support to the consultants at Maguire Associates. He has extensive experience in office management and systems administration and, in a service industry, epitomizes what it truly means for an organizational representative to be of service.

Email Todd with your question, comment, or greeting!

Net-Poll Results

Our readers weigh in about their institutions' admissions processes for "stealth applicants." Click here to review a summary of the results.

On The Road/In The News

  • Branding in Higher Education: Executive Vice President Linda Cox Maguire and Special Consultant Jessica McWade addressed the Innovative Branding and Marketing for Higher Education conference held in Singapore in late February. The title of their joint presentation was “Raising Friends, Raising Funds: Capitalizing on Integrated Brand Strategy.”

  • Data Matters Conference:  Senior Consultant Sarah Parrott led a workshop on how to leverage institutional data for successful recruitment and enrollment outcomes at Data Matters, a conference sponsored by UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) held in London in late February.

  • Maguire Associates at the SunGard Summit:  Chairman Jack Maguire, President Kathy Dawley, and Senior Consultants Larry Butler and Sarah Parrott presented sessions on enrollment management during SunGard’s Executive Summit in Philadelphia in March. They discussed major forces that are reshaping the perception and practice of enrollment management, offered analytical tools for tackling some of the toughest challenges, and proposed a new formula for enrollment management first shared in our book EM=C2.

  • Research & Strategies for Advancing Catholic Education: Rob Mirabile, Vice President for Research, examined the demographic forces affecting Catholic elementary and secondary education in New England, highlighting strategies for proactively addressing impending changes in a presentation for the Association of Catholic Admissions and Advancement Professionals of New England.

  • Past, Present, and Future of Enrollment Management: President Kathy Dawley presented to the Christo Rey Network Schools at a conference held at Boston College on the creation, shaping, and ongoing potential of enrollment management. The event was sponsored in part by The Gates Foundation.

  • CASE District 1 Conference:  Tara Scholder, Senior Vice President for Research Operations, explored what presidents and trustees consider to be higher education’s most pressing issues at the CASE District I Conference, held in Boston in March.

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