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May 2008

Enrollment Officer Survey:
Work is Challenging but Satisfying

Maguire Associates once again joined with The Chronicle of Higher Education in a research partnership, this time to survey senior admissions and enrollment management officials nationwide. These professionals report both high satisfaction and significant challenges in meeting the demands of a rapidly changing profession.  Read more...

The Milk Trout

Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk.
-Henry David Thoreau

Jack Maguire, Chairman and Founder of Maguire Associates, scans our research and other interesting findings, spots the "trout in the milk," and shares insights with our readers. In this edition, Jack discusses our recent research survey and analysis of senior enrollment officers' experiences and perceptions (see article above). This is the fourth landmark partnership study between Maguire Associates and The Chronicle of Higher Education. Read more...

What's Your Value Proposition?

You Have One, Right?
Rising tuition costs and perceptions of value are forefront in higher education these days. Admissions and enrollment management officials want to understand at ever-increasing levels of precision what students and parents are actually willing to pay – and why. And they want to know how to influence those perceptions and decisions by making the best possible value argument for their school. Read more...

For Those Without Billions:

Navigating the Wave of Dramatic Aid-Awarding Changes
Senior Consultants Jonathan Epstein and Sarah Parrott provide detailed research and analysis of the trend of increasing aid at highly selective institutions in their article recently published in AACRAO's College & University Journal. They discuss what has happened and what the competitive ripple might mean for the vast majority of higher education institutions that do not have such hefty endowments from which to draw. Read more...

Ask An Expert!

Vice President for Research Operations Tara Scholder

Tara leads our customized research division. She has a thorough knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and is expert at translating research results into new knowledge and insights that provide a strong foundation for institutional decision making.

Email Tara with your question!

The Strategic Synergy of Alumni Engagement and Enrollment Management

Maguire Associates has been working to create a 21st century understanding of the enrollment management concept. In doing so, the parallels between enrollment and alumni functions take center stage. That's because the principles that have served the former well in the recent past can now more directly benefit the latter. Read more...

Taking a Deeper Look at SAT-Optional Admissions

Public statements on SAT-optional admissions share noble and socially responsible messages. But, do they tell the entire story? Senior Consultant Jonathan Epstein addresses the topic in the May 2008 issue of Recruitment & Retention in Higher Education in a modified excerpt from his forthcoming research report, "Behind the SAT-Optional Movement: Context and Controversy." Read more...

Net-Poll Results

Our readers weigh in on their perceptions of the near-term impact on their institutions of recent financial aid changes. Click here to review a summary of the results.

On The Road/In The News

  • We celebrate our collaboration with The Chronicle of Higher Education with a new advertisement in the May 2nd issue. 
  • President Kathy Dawley participated in a panel discussion on women in business at the April meeting of the Monterey Institute of International Studies Board of International Advisors.  Kathy serves as a board member for MIIS, which is an affiliate of Middlebury College.
  • Chairman Jack Maguire participated in a panel discussion on The Chronicle of Higher Education’s survey of enrollment managers at the Education Writers Association’s National Seminar in Chicago in April.
  • Jack Maguire and Senior Consultant Larry Butler continue their discussion of the competitive advantage of colleges and universities with large endowments and the growing divide between the "haves" and "have-nots" in higher education in our latest podcast.
  • Jack Maguire discussed strategies for students and families seeking financial aid in “9 Ways to Help You Get More Financial Aid” on
  • Larry Butler recently addressed a Washington-based association on the use of dashboards in strategic planning.
  • Senior Consultant Sarah Parrott and Associate Vice President for Research Rob Mirabile will present a paper on institutional price sensitivity at a conference sponsored by UK-IR in Southampton, England, this June.
  • Vice President for Research Operations Tara Scholder and Executive Vice President Linda Cox Maguire will discuss best practices in student satisfaction and retention research at the 30th Annual EAIR (European Association for Institutional Research) Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark, in August.

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