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"My institution actively tracks and adjusts its traditional admissions practices to account for 'stealth applicants' (students whose first communication with the institution is the application itself)."

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September 2008


A New Formula for Enrollment Management

It’s clear that new ideas on Enrollment Management theory are evolving around the country — and across the world. Extensive dialogue about enrollment systems and cohesive service relationships among previously disparate offices and functions has become the norm rather than the exception.

In that spirit and drawing on a wide range of information, from historical literature to our own client experiences to our recent research performed in conjunction with The Chronicle of Higher Education, Maguire Associates is releasing our first book on the topic of Enrollment Management. We hope to throw some new fuel on the creative fires that are beginning to glow brightly around the nation’s college and university enrollment and leadership operations. 

On September 25th, we invite you to read EM=C2: A New Formula for Enrollment Management. Today, we invite you to take a sneak peek at some ideas from the book. Read more...

The Community Square

Opening September 25th, 2008

In conjunction with publication of our new book, EM=C2: A New Formula for Enrollment Management, Maguire Associates is launching The Community Square, an online forum where you will be able to share thoughts, reactions, and innovative ideas with fellow practitioners and institutional leaders, as well as explore the book, buy copies, contact the authors, and more.

Click here to get an update on how to buy the book when it's released.

The Milk Trout

Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk.
-Henry David Thoreau

Jack Maguire, Chairman and Founder of Maguire Associates, scans our research and other interesting findings, spots the "trout in the milk," and shares insights with our readers. In this edition, Jack asks a few provocative questions about the impact of financial aid and scholarship not just on enrollment and retention, but on long-term support and alumni giving, including whether institutions should consider FAIR results in their fiscal planning. Read more...

Finding Your Value Fingerprint: Assessing Value Across the Student Lifecycle

Continuing The Maguire Network pricing and value article series
Is your institution a good value? On what factors do your audiences make this determination? It depends on who you ask. Effectively answering key value questions requires assessing perceptions at varying moments in the lifelong relationship between the individual and the institution. Read more...

Ask An Expert!

Senior Vice President
Pat Casey

Pat has been with Maguire Associates since 1994, following many years as an admissions professional at Boston College and Santa Clara University. She works with clients on a wide range of projects, including enrollment consulting, market research, and EMFASYS strategic financial aid modeling. In addition to her work in the undergraduate arena, Pat has developed expertise at both ends of the educational spectrum in graduate and professional schools and with secondary school enrollment challenges and opportunities. Pat serves as a trustee of Saint Michael's College and Boston College High School, enabling her to provide our clients a perspective that is informed by a trustee vantage point.

Email Pat with your question, comment, or greeting!

Net-Poll Results

Our readers weigh in with their thoughts about annual fund giving for the current year. Click here to review a summary of the results.

On The Road/In The News

  • Branding in Higher Education:  President Kathy Dawley commented on the importance of brand strategy for colleges and universities in today’s marketplace in Business Week's article, "Brand U: Marketing the Alma Mater."
  • New Sources of Income for Colleges and Universities:  In a recent Business Week article, Chairman Jack Maguire discussed Emmanuel College's real estate ventures as an example of colleges that are exploring alternate revenue streams.
  • Presidential Pressures in Higher Education:  Jack Maguire was featured in an article on the expectations facing college and university presidents.
  • NACAC National Conference:  Kathy Dawley will be a panelist at the NACAC National Conference in Seattle, WA, in late September.  Kathy will join Tim Copeland of SunGard Higher Education in a discussion titled “Recruitment Scorecards:  Moving from a Tactically-Driven to a Strategy-Focused Admissions Office.”
  • NACAC National Conference: Senior Consultant David Wuinee will also be a panelist at the NACAC National Conference, joining the National Student Clearinghouse in a presentation on their StudentTracker service.
  • European IR Forum: Executive Vice President Linda Cox Maguire and Senior Vice President for Research Operations Tara Scholder presented their paper, "Student Experience Assessments: Best Practices in Student Satisfaction and Retention Research" at the 30th annual conference, held in Copenhagen, Denmark in August. Click here to read the paper.
  • Global HR Forum 2008In October, Jack Maguire will be traveling to Seoul, South Korea, to discuss a new approach to enrollment management in a presentation titled, “Selecting and Developing Creative Talents,” at the Global HR Forum 2008.
  • Enrollment Officer Study:  Associate V.P. for Research Rob Mirabile will present findings from Maguire Associates' survey of senior level enrollment and admissions officers, conducted in partnership with The Chronicle of Higher Education, at The College Board Forum in Houston in November.  Eric Hoover, Senior Editor at The Chronicle, and Chris Lucier, Vice President for Enrollment Management at the University of Vermont, will join the panel discussion.
  • Enrollment Management Evolution:  Jack Maguire and Senior Consultant Larry Butler will discuss the evolution of enrollment management and the reshaping of the higher education marketplace at the upcoming SEM Conference in Anaheim, CA, this November. 
  • AMA Speakers:  Tara Scholder and Rob Mirabile will both be speaking at the AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education. Tara and Allison Cannady-Smith of the University of Puget Sound will discuss alumni programming in “A New Focus: Cultivating Quality, Life-Long Relationships with Alumni.” Rob and Robbyn Wacker of the University of Northern Colorado will discuss strategic pricing in “Optimizing Price Strategies to Meet Student Enrollment and Revenue Goals.”  Tara will also moderate a round table discussion on price and value perceptions among college-bound students and their families.
  • Upcoming Conferences:  Maguire Associates will be exhibiting at the NACAC National Conference in Seattle from September 25-27 and at the AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education in Chicago from November 16-18.

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