Request a copy of our compendium, Insights for a Changing Economy; Volume 3 (2010-2011).  This edition includes the complete Five Dysfunctions of Enrollment Management series.






Request a copy of our compendium, Insights for a Challenging Economy; Volume 2 (2009-2010).  This edition covers some of the industry’s most discussed topics including net price calculators, retention, and social media.






Request a copy  of our compendium, Insights for a Challenging Economy; Volume 1 (2008-2009). A must read for higher education leaders, the collection contains all bulletins from our first season of Insights.






It doesn’t take an Einstein to know that Enrollment Management needs to be reformulated for the new world of higher education – a world in which virtual communities proliferate, global boundaries are erased, “stealth” applicants abound, and U.S. News  & World Report, MySpace and Facebook shape the expectations and opinions of those making college choice decisions.

Learn more about or purchase a copy of  EM=C²: A New Formula for Enrollment Management, the provocative new book by Jack Maguire (“The Father of Enrollment Management”), Larry Butler, and their colleagues at Maguire Associates.

View or download a copy of our latest monograph, The Creation of Enrollment Management at Boston College; A History, as told by the original enrollment management team.  This monograph tells of the challenges faced by BC in the 1970’s, the team charged with finding a strategy to help save the institution from dire financial struggles, and their solution that eventually developed into one of the most influential management and administrative paradigms in 21st century American higher education.

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