SEA Semester…In One Week

January 2011 –

Maguire Associates EVP Jessica McWade and her husband, Dr. Walt Kuklinski of the Mitre Corporation, served as guest crew members aboard the SSV Robert C. Seamans in January.  The 134-foot brigantine is operated by the Sea Education Association (SEA), based in Woods Hole, MA, which is the nation’s premier college semester-at-sea program.  Our own Vice Chair Linda Maguire serves as SEA Semester’s Board Chair.

Jessica and Walt worked the sails and lines for one week in French Polynesian waters, departing Tahiti for Mo’orea, Huahine, and Raiatea, and returning to Tahiti.  They shared this extraordinary experience with some amazing students from Oberlin College, University of Vermont, University of Virginia, and Vassar College.  Jessica said, “Working closely with these terrific young people validates that the best days of our nation are, in fact, ahead of us.  Full speed ahead of us!  This is the joy of working in higher education.”

Oh, and Jessica and Walt got married (again) on the quarterdeck of the Seamans anchored off Fare, Huahine.  As dolphins cavorted in the turquoise waters adjacent to a vast coral reef, Seamans’ Captain Bill Curry presided, ship’s company and guests dressed in “aloha wear,” and all hands went ashore to a beach club for dinner.  “Hey, it’s not often that you travel to your wedding reception in a motorized rubber life raft,” Jessica added.

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