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Tackle the Big Questions

Helping you consider the major choices ahead

You may be considering some new and perhaps unprecedented strategic decisions for your institution.  These may include choices about whether, how, and when to engage in distance learning, develop a global strategy, expand with new programs or locations, dramatically reduce the cost of attendance, or develop strategic partnerships with other institutions. We have collaborated with boards of trustees, presidents, and executive cabinets over many years to help address these and other complex issues.

First, we will help you test and clarify your objectives and reach some level of shared understanding among your key players. Next, we will use primary and secondary research to identify trends, conditions, and internal capacity and gather the critical evidence you need to make good decisions.  Finally, we will facilitate a focused set of conversations designed to prioritize options, create multiple approaches to capitalize on an opportunity or counter a problem, weigh the costs, benefits, and trade-offs of each choice, and build the essential implementation plan.

A few considerations

  1. How do we consider whether or not to engage in distance learning or expand or adjust our current online offerings?
  2. What are the right sources of knowledge and expertise to inform a careful internationalization effort?
  3. What steps should we take to weigh the costs and benefits of a substantial reduction in our cost of attendance?
  4. Are there productive opportunities for us to expand into new areas of study or different locations?
  5. How do we decide which strategic partnerships will best extend our reach, bolster our finances, or build our brand?

For many decades we have been using our expertise, experience, and evidence-based orientation to help college and university leaders consider and resolve the big questions. We bring wisdom and complete trustworthiness in all we do.  Think of it as analytically driven decision support achieved through some or all of these services:

  • Executive coaching
  • Team facilitation
  • Qualitative research
  • Survey research
  • Secondary research
  • Market assessments
  • Enrollment consulting
  • Pricing optimization
  • Brand perceptions, positioning, and competitive assessment
  • Communications preferences and message testing
  • Pricing research
  • Application and enrollment drivers across the admissions funnel
  • Identification and exploration of new markets
  • Market characteristics for academic programs
  • Student success: retention, completion, and satisfaction
  • Alumni engagement and giving