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Build Your Brand

Your institution’s brand ranks among your most valuable assets. It’s also among the least well understood.

Your brand reflects both the promises you make to the market and whether and how you actually deliver on those promises. In this sense, the brand combines your external and internal marketing and communications efforts with the perceptions your stakeholders — prospective and current students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff, employers, and opinion leaders — have about their experience with your institution.

We’ll help you understand your stakeholders’ thoughts and feelings and, more important, the behavioral and attitudinal drivers of their decision to enroll, to stay through graduation, to donate, or to hire your graduates. We’ll help you translate this research into compelling strategy, positioning, messaging, planning, and writing.

A few considerations

  1. Are you engaging key stakeholders at the right times and with the right messages and media?
  2. Do you have a messaging system, does it appeal both cognitively and emotionally, and are you using it consistently across the institution?
  3. Do you know what your key stakeholders think and feel about you and which messages drive their behaviors?
  4. Have you assessed the quality of your messages, media, and materials and those of key competitors?
  5. Are you aligning external image with internal identity efforts and coupling brand promises with actual brand performance?

We’ve helped many colleges and universities answer these questions through the skillful, creative application of these brand-building services:

  • Institutional, enrollment, and advancement marketing and communications advising
  • Market research and multivariate statistical analysis
  • Brand positioning and messaging development, testing, and training
  • Multi-year marketing and communications planning (strategy, metrics)
  • Competitive marketing and communications assessments
  • Presidential public affairs and thought leadership campaigns