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Create a Desired Future

Wrestling a vision of the future into the realm of reality

Instead of trying to prepare for some future that is “out there,” actively create the future that you desire.  Whether your institution’s need for strategic planning is prompted by a compelling issue such as declining enrollment, driven by a major institutional transition such as the installation of a new president, or  occasioned by an externally prompted obligation such as an accreditation review, we can work with you to design and facilitate a strategic planning process that helps you achieve your  institutional vision.

Over the years, we’ve developed a nationally recognized approach to strategic planning and a set of supporting tools, exercises, and techniques that have proven successful in a broad array ofcollege and university settings.

A few considerations

  1. Are your key constituencies aligned around a shared institutional vision?
  2. Is your institutional mission merely a statement of noble platitudes rather than a distinctive expression of touchstone values that shape strategic decision making?
  3. Do you have achievable goals and action plans that are continually refreshed by a strategic perspective?
  4. Are you concerned that a lengthy strategic planning process might only produce a voluminous but rarely consulted document?
  5. Is your institution self-sufficient in terms of strategic thinking and planning at all levels of the institution?

We’ve partnered with many colleges and universities to address their strategic planning questions and concerns through a highly collaborative process that:

  • Responds to an institutional vision rooted in mission, inspiring, and mobilizing all stakeholders and marshaling their best efforts
  • Builds upon your institution’s collective knowledge and a shared strategic database
  • Uses key strategic performance metrics displayed in compelling dashboard formats
  • Is timely and cost effective, engaging only as many research and consulting services as are needed and only for as long as needed to achieve your goals