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Engage Alumni

Build affinity and community among your alumni.

We appreciate the importance to the health and vitality of your institution of building and sustaining strong, long-term relationships with and among your alumni.  Loyal and engaged alumni play a vital role in the present and future life of your campus. They can build positive awareness, support admissions efforts, create internship and job opportunities, forge bonds with other alumni, serve as volunteer leaders, and give to annual and capital campaigns. Every day of every year, they represent your institution in all parts of the world.

Whether looking to increase fundraising or friendraising, we can help you build and strengthen the relationships your institution has with its alumni community.

A few considerations:

  • Does your suite of alumni services add real value to the lives of your alumni?
  • Is your alumni brand in alignment with the institution’s brand?
  • Do you know the most effective ways to engage alumni of every age?
  • Do you need to reinvigorate the programs, benefits, and communications that target your institution’s alumni?
  • Do you need to build higher levels of engagement in advance of a future fundraising campaign?

We’ve helped dozens of colleges and universities — urban and rural, public and independent, big and small, secular and religious — understand their alumni better through qualitative and quantitative research. Our experienced team of practitioners and researchers can tailor a plan to fit your current needs, including services such as:

  • Alumni communications assessments
  • Alumni focus groups
  • Alumni survey research
  • Data modeling
  • Brand renewal
  • Organizational assessments