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Optimize Net Revenue

Attract top scholars, artists, and athletes. Promote diversity. Fill your residence halls. Maximize revenue.

You want to enroll students who will be proud and generous alumni for the rest of their lives. Is your college or university getting that kind of return on the millions of scholarship dollars invested in students? Are your scholarship dollars taking your institution to the next level? If you think your financial aid program could be more effective than it is, let us show you how.

We’ll help you understand how your scholarship program drives students to your institution (or not). Working together with our EMFASYS® modeling service, we will articulate the goals for your next freshman class and create an effective awarding strategy to attract the students you most want to enroll.

A few considerations

  1. Do you suspect that you are spending too much in institutional aid — or too little?
  2. Is your institution using an awarding strategy created more than five years ago?
  3. Are the numbers of calls for “financial aid reconsiderations” increasing each year?
  4. Is your aid strategy calibrated to yield the students you want most?
  5. Are the yields on your top aid programs decreasing?
  6. Do you need an expert eye to review your current awarding strategy?
  7. Are your institutional aid dollars being put to their best use?

We’ve worked with many colleges and universities to help them achieve their enrollment goals through the application of our EMFASYS modeling services. We help our clients:

  • Increase enrollment
  • Boost net revenue
  • Decrease discount rate
  • Promote campus diversity
  • Drive student quality
  • Improve market competitiveness

EMFASYS® is a registered trademark of Maguire Associates, Inc.