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Strengthen Enrollment

Create value throughout the enrollment lifecycle

Your institution relies on the contributions of each incoming class from the moment the students enroll and for decades after they graduate. Are you building relationships and implementing enrollment strategies today that realize the value of students at their initial point of inquiry, through matriculation and graduation, and well into their years as loyal alumni?

The long-term implications of any one class underscore the importance of understanding and adapting to students as they progress and change throughout the entire enrollment lifecycle — from prospects to inquiries, applicants to admits, and enrollees to alumni. Knowing where to begin in the practice of effective enrollment management can be overwhelming.

We can help you synchronize and centralize your existing efforts and map out a comprehensive plan that develops goals and steps to achieve those goals in order for your institution to find enrollment success today, next year, and many decades from now.

A few considerations

  1. Are you using strategic financial aid modeling to maximize the use and value of your institutional grant aid?
  2. Do you understand the perceptions held by prospective students and parents of your institution’s price, quality, and value?
  3. Do you optimize recruitment by focusing on the prospect, inquiry, and application stages?
  4. Do you understand the market demand for current and proposed programs?
  5. Are you effectively strengthening satisfaction to improve the retention of current students, faculty, and staff?

We’ve helped many colleges and universities develop and achieve their enrollment management goals by using a highly customized and personalized approach throughout all of our service offerings, including:

  • Enrollment consulting
  • Strategic financial aid modeling
  • Student recruitment optimization
  • Yield enhancement studies
  • Strategic planning
  • Alumni engagement research
  • Market research
  • Student retention and satisfaction studies
  • Branding, marketing, and communications
  • Pricing optimization